The President to Blame

This election has shown us a few things hasn’t it? One being we have so many angry people in this world. We blame the president for our problems in society, Obama is the cause of racial divide and prejudices from black people they say and Trump is the cause of white people openly being racist they say. How true is this really? It’s not true at all. These things existed before Obama before Trump long before. In fact we have never truly pushed the system in the right direction at all, we have sat idle comforted by placing the blame anywhere but ourselves. 

We are the reason for where our country is sitting and for many that is a very hard pill to swallow. People refuse to admit they are the problem, they refuse to look at themselves and say hey I have been part of these problems by either being hateful myself, or sitting idly and ignoring it as if it will resolve itself on its own one day. But lets be honest here the presidents aren’t the issue, we are. 

Things did not directly effect many of us, so we went along with our lives unbothered by the things others were going through. We made excuse after excuse didn’t we? From “Why should we fix the laws? Don’t break them and you wont have a problem.” “We should not kill unborn children, but don’t you dare ask for welfare.” “Why should my taxes I pay go to support people that do not work with tons of children?” “Don’t have kids if you cant take care of them, you know where babies come from so its simple do not open your legs.” I can go on and on with the hatred.

We have become complacent with putting others down and being hateful to one another. We have chosen to lose all self discipline for instant gratifications no matter how small instead of waiting for the long term fulfilling gratifications in life. As a result we are a society obsessed with sex, violence and greed. We no longer care for our neighbors instead we step on them to feel better about ourselves for a short term moment. We did this and we continue to do it to others, we justify the things we do saying well nobody would do it for me so why should I do it for anyone else? And we all sleep like a baby because we made sense to ourselves about the unkindness we spread like disease across this country. 

Now before Trump has even taking office we have condemned him , blaming him for all that is wrong with this country. He is already our new excuse for our problems. This is absurd we have no idea what he holds in store for this country. I myself was not a Trump supporter, but I also do not know what he holds for us as a nation and I personally refuse to condemn someone before even seeing what they are going to do. I will hold my judgment until I see actions personally. He will not be my new excuse to sit idle and hateful without action. We have got to stop this cycle, we have got to stop allowing our hearts to be so polluted and making excuses for spreading this ugly disease. 

We make the choice everyday to tear others down. We make the choice everyday to judge another. We make the choice everyday to hold hate to those we do not know and to be selfish in our own pursuits to happiness. We make the choice to follow suit with what is told to us to do. We make the choice to not be kind to others and uplift them and we make the choices to allow our systems to be so corrupted. To those that do these things you will NEVER be satisfied in life. 

We can keep blaming presidents and get no where or we can do better. Why must people involve themselves in others personal beliefs and choices it is not your place to control free will.  Why do we condemn each other and judge when no one is hurt in the process? We have bigger issues at hand in todays world. Why must we hold hatred for skin colors saying well they are doing it. No. You allowed your heart to be polluted that is no one’s fault but you own! You can not control others actions you can only control your reactions. America YOU are the problem not the president not the police they are only a direct reflection of your hearts. You have created a monster system and a hateful world its time to acknowledge this and decide now to love one another and be uplifting and help each other. Love spreads like hatred does. Choose to be kind over mean. It is weakness today of the mind. We hold no control of ourselves to allow anger and retaliations and being unkind is easier than being patient and loving and uplifting. We have shown how weak we truly are. Its time we change these things and stop blaming the world for our problems.


15 thoughts on “The President to Blame

    1. I have definitely went and read your article. I very much enjoyed the read and appreciate the time you took to read mine and become inspired for yours. I love it we must unite in loving ways and first we must be able to admit our short comings to begin to build stronger than before.

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  1. Thank you for this great piece of work. It resonates with me as well, hence my recent “break up” with Facebook to re-align my own thoughts and actions to reflect love and unity in this nation. Sometimes you have to take a break from it all to listen to yourself. Love this.

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    1. A break from the social media world like facebook and instagram and twitter can be very good for the soul. Its full of negativity and it can really make you look passed the good positive things daily it leaves you unable to even see them and you only see the bad of the day afterwhile. So it can be quite refreshing to take breaks from the toxicity of media and gain back a proper perspective and free the heart and soul.

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  2. Would it be OK if I cross-posted this article to I’ll be sure to give you complete credit as hthe author. There is no fee, I’m simply trying to add more content diversity for our community and I liked what you wrote. If “OK” please let me know via email.



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