I want to discuss some topics here today. There are so many people that go through their days in such chaos and a bad mentality. I believe this often times directly correlates to violence and hatred envy and greed. Lets face it if we were happier we wouldn’t be seeing so much of this happening. If we were more uplifting to the stranger or our own people we would see a huge shift in actions and mentality.

So what is a bad day? Does a bad day actually exist? I don’t believe so. A persons phone dies mid day and they say oh this is a bad day. Or they lost 20 bucks or ran out of gas etc you get the point and you say this is a bad day, I am having a terrible day. Lets adopt a new mentality for this because you really aren’t having a bad day your day is a day it just isn’t one going exactly the way you want it too. So in ways you so easily gave up on a day that pushed you out of your comfort zone and could have then been quite a learning experience for yourself. Stop fighting it stop getting angry at it, let those days flow how they may and lead you where they may. When you fight against days like this you spend an entire day of your life angry. An entire day wasted instead of a day learned. Who knows where that day COULD have lead you if you would of allowed it too. There is no such thing as a bad day only a day that didn’t go according to plan.

Greed and envy. These things run our world right now they touch so many individuals hearts and live there day after day growing much like a bacteria in warm perfect conditions. A person goes through their day wanting this or that or a better this or that. Waiting in lines and fighting for jordans or the new flat screen, or black Friday etc. Why? Because you have accepted a widespread mentality that this is the way of life that you must be more than the next person and the way to be that is by what you have not how you act. This mentality is deadly. It is okay to step back and value the real things that matter in life you do not have to follow the crowd its okay to go your own way. At the end of everything it doesn’t matter what you had you live on through what you have done you live on in peoples hearts. The person you helped that gave them faith in the world again to help another. These are the things that you live on through. So what have you done in your life that will keep your name your  legacy alive?

The desire to find self satisfaction by hurting another. This is a big issue today it really is. Instead of facing pur own issues with ourselves we project them to others instead. We seek instant gratification by belittling another rather than focus on self healing and setting goals to be better in our own eyes. We get into mommy wars and talk crap about one another instead of uplift one another cause lets face it its hard being a mother and every child is different we don’t know the actual situation. Be more uplifting help reinforce tell the mother you know it’s a tough scary job and help it takes a village guys. We have forgotten that. We have women who have no true self esteem and we now glorify the side chick. But the side chick has issues guys and we as a people should help them love themselves because someone w who feels special to hurt others so deeply has serious internal issues going on. The people that feel better by belittling others have more going on inside they need people the most.

This boils down to being ugly and selfish inside. We walk past a stranger we can see is sad but we could stop and compliment something about them even if we do not like anything just because it will make them smile. Who does that hurt really? No one at all. Stop allowing your hearts to be polluted there is nothing wrong with helping the next person. You are not better than anyone else your life choices are only different and got different results. Nobody wakes up and says hey I wanna fuck my life up and be terrible so when you apply that to your everyday you realize these people didn’t intentionally get themselves there. They may not have had anyone encouraging around or maybe they thought that was a good decision to get them what everyone else had and it backfired and the blows kept coming. Who knows really. But the lack of humanity today only makes things worse and worse. You don’t have to agree with people’s personal beliefs but you can open your mind to understand the logic on their end and then better be able to understand the perspectives of the opposition to better help the situations at hand. Meeting anger and hurt with anger never results in any type of solutions.

The President to Blame

This election has shown us a few things hasn’t it? One being we have so many angry people in this world. We blame the president for our problems in society, Obama is the cause of racial divide and prejudices from black people they say and Trump is the cause of white people openly being racist they say. How true is this really? It’s not true at all. These things existed before Obama before Trump long before. In fact we have never truly pushed the system in the right direction at all, we have sat idle comforted by placing the blame anywhere but ourselves. 

We are the reason for where our country is sitting and for many that is a very hard pill to swallow. People refuse to admit they are the problem, they refuse to look at themselves and say hey I have been part of these problems by either being hateful myself, or sitting idly and ignoring it as if it will resolve itself on its own one day. But lets be honest here the presidents aren’t the issue, we are. 

Things did not directly effect many of us, so we went along with our lives unbothered by the things others were going through. We made excuse after excuse didn’t we? From “Why should we fix the laws? Don’t break them and you wont have a problem.” “We should not kill unborn children, but don’t you dare ask for welfare.” “Why should my taxes I pay go to support people that do not work with tons of children?” “Don’t have kids if you cant take care of them, you know where babies come from so its simple do not open your legs.” I can go on and on with the hatred.

We have become complacent with putting others down and being hateful to one another. We have chosen to lose all self discipline for instant gratifications no matter how small instead of waiting for the long term fulfilling gratifications in life. As a result we are a society obsessed with sex, violence and greed. We no longer care for our neighbors instead we step on them to feel better about ourselves for a short term moment. We did this and we continue to do it to others, we justify the things we do saying well nobody would do it for me so why should I do it for anyone else? And we all sleep like a baby because we made sense to ourselves about the unkindness we spread like disease across this country. 

Now before Trump has even taking office we have condemned him , blaming him for all that is wrong with this country. He is already our new excuse for our problems. This is absurd we have no idea what he holds in store for this country. I myself was not a Trump supporter, but I also do not know what he holds for us as a nation and I personally refuse to condemn someone before even seeing what they are going to do. I will hold my judgment until I see actions personally. He will not be my new excuse to sit idle and hateful without action. We have got to stop this cycle, we have got to stop allowing our hearts to be so polluted and making excuses for spreading this ugly disease. 

We make the choice everyday to tear others down. We make the choice everyday to judge another. We make the choice everyday to hold hate to those we do not know and to be selfish in our own pursuits to happiness. We make the choice to follow suit with what is told to us to do. We make the choice to not be kind to others and uplift them and we make the choices to allow our systems to be so corrupted. To those that do these things you will NEVER be satisfied in life. 

We can keep blaming presidents and get no where or we can do better. Why must people involve themselves in others personal beliefs and choices it is not your place to control free will.  Why do we condemn each other and judge when no one is hurt in the process? We have bigger issues at hand in todays world. Why must we hold hatred for skin colors saying well they are doing it. No. You allowed your heart to be polluted that is no one’s fault but you own! You can not control others actions you can only control your reactions. America YOU are the problem not the president not the police they are only a direct reflection of your hearts. You have created a monster system and a hateful world its time to acknowledge this and decide now to love one another and be uplifting and help each other. Love spreads like hatred does. Choose to be kind over mean. It is weakness today of the mind. We hold no control of ourselves to allow anger and retaliations and being unkind is easier than being patient and loving and uplifting. We have shown how weak we truly are. Its time we change these things and stop blaming the world for our problems.

A Proportional Response

A Proportional Response

Absolutely wonderful read and sheds light to a perspective on both sides in this article as well as comments. Absolutely a must for sharing and a must for reading.

Wine and Cheese (Doodles)

a-proportional-responseThere was an early episode of The West Wing in which the President had to choose a course of action after a deadly terrorist attack. Ready to unleash the full might of the US military, he was eventually persuaded to take a more measured approach. Why? Because while carpet bombing another country into oblivion may have made him feel better for a minute, it wasn’t going to achieve anything fruitful. It was going to lead to more unnecessary death and destruction.

He chose a proportional response.

The episode, and the title, stuck with me, so much so that we’ve adopted the phrase into our parenting lexicon. But lately I’ve been using the term to describe other things as well.

Each time the news of another police shooting crosses my line of vision, I see the same refrain.

Why didn’t he just comply?
Why didn’t he just do what the police said?
Maybe if he was raised better, he’d have been fine. I was raised…

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The Cyber Takeover

We get up for the day we check facebook or twitter or instagram and we get started into our cyber world. We see numerous pictures screaming for likes and shares, we clearly see the desperation for those in many of them. We see articles written with fear mongering in them, they create sadness or anger in our hearts. We turn on the news and see the same information pumped right to our brains and hearts.  We dive into our cyber worlds without a single thought behind any of it. We watch women degrade themselves further to be nothing more than sexual objects to be shared around the world. We watch the robberies and violence all over the world. We in a sense are forced into seeing so many tragedies. The cyber world has been a benefit to society in many ways forcing us to see what is happening in the world around  us that was once swept under the rug. This world allows us to bring attention to what we feel is important as well as keep us all connected in many aspects. Yet I feel there is a much darker side to this as well. Each day we are fed negative stories negative events negative images and over time I feel this programs us to see and focus on the negative. We over time discuss negative topics and what is not right or fair. On the job it is always what could be better not what is being done right. This begins to follow us everywhere we go. We are told what to like what products to buy regardless of where it came from or how it came to be on the shelves to buy. Instead of seeing a beautiful world we see all that is wrong with this world and the people in it. We have in a sense allowed our minds to become programmed with hatred and sadness and despair. As a result we see more violence, more theft, more outlandish behavior and reactions. We do not even stop to think how this  is coming to be, why we see a half empty glass instead of it being half full. Our perspectives are altered through this constant feeding of negativity daily through our televisions nd phones and computers. They claim they are after ratings and it is a direct correlation o what we choose. But is that truly so? Would we honestly choose to have violence and despair over love and unity in life? I do not think so. I think all of us would choose a life of happiness over a life of despair. I do not see options for choices on the mainstream anywhere. Now our tv programming is much the same with VIOLENT and embarrassing reality shows addiction shows just programming  after programming  of the worst of the human race. We can choose to flood the cyber world with loving quotes, pictures of kind deeds and beautiful things we see. We can break free of this programming and dare to be different. we can change the channel to the ugliness and they will begin to follow suit. We can be the changes we need. Open our hearts again and stop letting one toxic person forever pollute our hearts. We can do nice things for people small things that make a difference. The grumpy man in line for coffee gets to the counter and its mysteriously paid for. The lady buying wipes counting change ends up with a whole box unkowingly. The neighbor you see struggling to feed themselves comes home to a box of food on the doorstep no note no way to know who did this. The key is to not judge not decide to have a polluted heart and decide instead to make someone smile. To not let them know who did it so you also get no recognition to feed the ego. Help humanity live and love again. give compliments to those strangers about their hair or tie or shoes. Those kind words could save someone for an entire lifetime! Let yourselves care again, yes with caring there will be times of hurt and pain but you only have lost your humanity when you allow it to forever pollute your heart and prevent you from giving to any other human being. 

Fake Ass Friends


So today I was given some topics on my Facebook in my weekly topic requests I have decided to begin. Two stood out and then it was suggested to be combined. What a fantastic idea! The loss of we thought  to be friends or FAKE ASS FRIENDS and how to center yourself to not let the totally shitty things those fake friends do affect your life and mentality. So I usually do my writing from my phone but for this one I am breaking out the laptop this is a serious topic to discuss and in many ways a personal journey for me as well.

So we have ALL been there before, having a friend we feel so close too that we tell everything to and then they turn out to not be a friend at all. The feelings that come with this are unreal! Sometimes it goes to extremes that it never should have they take all they got on you to use against you to hurt you instead of just parting ways and leaving it alone. No for some that just is not good enough they have to try to make everyone else hate you too. The feelings of being alone and betrayed whether they attack or they finally come clean of not liking you the entire time or not forgiving for a mistake one may have made is incomparable to anything else. You can be left feeling so used, betrayed, lonely, and sometimes depressed. Then they run around as if nothing is wrong feeling good about you being alone, leaving you to wonder how someone could be so heartless that you once thought cared so much. You hear the secrets they tell others about you and lies made up and you can’t even believe your eyes or ears and you have so much building inside yet you don’t want to hurt them back because even if they didn’t you did genuinely care. I have had these things happen a few times in my life none easier than the other and left in utter disbelief at the realization of when the things said to me in the break up of the friendship didnt happen over night that hatred has been there the entire time. They never liked me so why did they pretend too for so long? I will say it is quite the gut wrenching experience and it is a tough one to come back from as well.

But with all that hurt and self-doubt it can create, you still have to come back from these things. You must learn and move on no matter how hard it is. And sometimes you should not ever let the person back into your life again because they are truly toxic to your life and do not really want to uplift and see success and be part of those things. I discuss this in a previous post on friendships and how to tell the difference <p>Source: <a href=”https://danielleremainstrue.wordpress.com/2016/10/27/knowing-the-difference/”>Knowing the Difference </a></p>. So how do you cut ties without anger without hurts inside how do you keep going forward without looking back? This is the difficult part a lot of people cave and let the person in and out of their lives destructive every time, some friends actually go way overboard and come for your relationships etc it can get really ugly really fast!

So first you must let go! I know easier said than done but you can do it! Anyone reporting back to the hateful little shit ex friends should NOT be in your life to add drama. CUT THEM LOOSE AS WELL. Doesnt matter if they are family members doing the reporting back either buh- bye to them for a while as well. you need that time drama free. If someone is coming to you saying oh so and so told me this about you and so and so was talking some serious shit about you. Why were they doing that in front of that person….let me tell you cut people like that the hell out of your life and do it ASAP those people thrive on drama and the hurt of others they totally suck and shouldnt be running to you to tell you any nonsense at all…ugh seriously screw those kinds of people. If you are one of those kinds of people reading this change that drama crap or screw ya too haha! once this is completed do not reply to messages in fact block them completely from you for a while in any way they could contact you. this gives you quite time to be able to focus on you and your needs, Use this time to reflect on yourself what could you have learned from this and what can you strengthen about yourself. Use this as a moment in time to improve everything about yourself and be honest in the reflection admit your faults as well and what you need to do to fix the issues to be happier with yourself and add more to your life and outlook.

Get out and do something you like to do and grow into something more evolve yourself and be proud of what it is you’re becoming. Listen if you keep contact with a secret hateful person once disguised as a friend and you keep the people that run back and forth you will never have peace you have to let it all go…happiness is just right around that corner but you can only go alone you can’t take the idiots with you.

I am looking forward to the next weekly topic ideas from my readers to discuss. Comments and shares are welcome here. Thank you for your time as it is valuable.